K.B. White is a family-owned Shellfishing equipment company with a rich 25 year history rooted in the Shellfish Harvest. We offer a wide range of professional-grade Clamming Gear and weekend-ready ocean-to-table products for the Recreational and Commercial Clammer.All K.B. White products are designed, distributed, and assembled from our headquarters in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Components are sourced locally, throughout the U.S., and overseas. Only the highest quality materials are used to deliver a comprehensive, professional grade product mix at a very affordable price.

All Forks and Rakes are constructed from heavy duty forged steel heads, Indiana Ash wood handles, and 304 stainless steel ferrules to prevent corrosion. Our wide selection of twelve different models fulfills the variety needed to shellfish anywhere from the flats of Maine and Pacific Northwest to the estuaries of the Mid Atlantic and Southeast.

Basket Rakes are available in three sizes in painted steel and 304 stainless steel: the original 10-tine BR10, the 12-tine Jumbo BR12, and the new 8-tine BR8 Halfback smaller rake. All six models are equipped with 5 or 6-foot, 1.25 inch Ash handles. Like the Forks and Rakes, all handles come standard with either a 201 or a 304 stainless steel ferrule to prevent corrosion. (K.B. White exclusive). Basket Rakes also come standard with an approximately 1/2 inch thick threaded shank (stem) to screw into handle, enabling us to ship very affordably while maintaining the unit's integrity and strength. It also makes travel easier and safer for the clammer (another K.B. White exclusive).

Clam Baskets are hand made using steel wire and then Hot Double Dipped during galvanizing. This slows corrosion and extends the life of the basket for many years. Three sizes are available; Peck, Half Bushel, and Bushel. Float Rings are available for all 3 models.

We designed a line of four Hand Tools that can be used for Digging or Diving, all made from 304 stainless steel and TPR handles: an Oyster Culling Hammer (also good for other species like Conch); a two-sided Rock Claw/Scraper, a four-pronged Bushel Claw for Oysters or Mussels, and a Three-Pronged Lobster Grabber.

The same Ash wood is used to construct all our custom Landing Nets and Dip Nets. Netting material includes polyester, nylon, and tangle-free rubber. We also offer a Crab Dip Net with a 17-gauge galvanized wire mesh basket and 6-foot Ash handle

Accessories include hand-made New Bedford Sea Bags for Clam, Crab, and Shark made from 2 and 3 mil. polyethylene trawling twine. Lastly, an assortment of Gauges, Bait Bags, Clam Bags, and Chum Bags; and Shucking Knives, Kits and Cutlery complete the ocean-to-table experience.

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We believe Shellfishing offers something for everyone. From the peace of harvesting alone, to a memory-filled family vacation, we know your shellfishing experience will be second-to-none with K.B. White Shellfishing products.